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Pro Tip: How to get more out of Social Media Reporting


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We could sing the praises of the Social Media Tracker's Overview report all day—but the truth is sometimes one report just isn't enough. The more data you have at your fingertips, the better your strategy could be.

Lucky for you, this tool has three reports (that's triple the insights!):

  • Overview: the report you know and love
  • Audience: how your competitors are gaining (or losing) followers
  • Engagement: how your competitors' content performs

Best of all, you can have the Audience and Engagement reports delivered directly to your email:

1. In the Social Media Tracker tool, click "Settings"


2. Select the Email Reports tab


3. Click to enable the Audience and Engagement reports and tell us where to send them


A veritable goldmine of data, delivered directly to your inbox.

The Semrush Team
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