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We have three practical resources this week to help your business stand out on Google:

  1. How To Define Your Brand's Tone of Voice (+ Template)

  2. [New Video] Find Untapped Keywords

  3. 5 Steps To Boost Your Healthcare Content Marketing

Let's take a closer look.


#1. How To Define Your Brand's Tone of Voice

Want your brand to gain authority and popularity? Stick to a consistent tone of voice that resonates with your audience. This article will show you exactly how to find the perfect tone of voice and then create and implement a tone of voice guide (with a handy template to follow along).


#2. How To Find Untapped Keywords

In this new SEO training video, Brian explains an overlooked opportunity to get higher rankings on Google: finding untapped keywords. His unique, 3-step approach will keep you in front of your target audience and consistently ahead of your competition.


#3. Boost Your Healthcare Content Marketing

If you're looking to drive results in the healthcare industry, this guide is for you. We analyzed thousands of articles, pulled industry-level benchmarks, and surveyed hundreds of experts to understand what makes a winning healthcare content marketing strategy.


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